Megan is the BEST story-reader and foot-massager. I bring Garnet to toddler yoga to explore movement and to grow her imagination, but we leave with more than that: a feeling of contentedness and connectedness.”
- Taryn (mom) and Garnet (20 months)

Solid walkers/runners up to 3 years old. 
(Younger pre-walking siblings are welcome to attend at no extra cost, but the class is not geared towards them.)

Tuesdays: 10-10:45am
Fridays: 10-10:45am
Saturdays: 10-10:45am*
class is cancelled long weekends

Prices (1 caregiver + 1 child):
Drop-in: $20, including HST
5 Class Pass: $90, including HST (5 month expiry)
10 Class Pass: regular $175, including HST (10 month expiry)

Additional Family Member (AFM) Rates:
Additional family members (ie: siblings, caregivers, parents, grandparents) will incur the cost below. If an additional family member or caregiver is not joining the class, they are welcome to wait outside the room until the class is finished.

AFM Drop-in: $12, including HST
AFM 10 Class Pass: regular $100, including HST (10 month expiry)

Class Description:
Join your toddler as we take a yoga journey they will never forget!  Using visual aids, we will stand rooted like trees, bark in downward dog, flutter our wings in butterfly, trumpet water like an elephant, and hop high like a frog!  We will play games, listen to music, and practice breathing exercises which they can bring into everyday life.  This themed class creates a space for bonding between parent or caregiver and child while strengthening growing muscles, and ends with relaxation. Class is 45 minutes.