We specialize in yoga for kids and families and are based in Riverside, a neighbourhood in Toronto's downtown eastside.


Our Founder's Story:
After working for 5 years in the financial services industry, Megan found herself stressed, tired, and uninspired.  Through this time she was embarking upon a sort of life-reconstruction.  She sought to learn about how to properly take care of herself, and also understand who she really was as a person.  Yoga became an integral part of this journey.  

In 2013, after trying with her glorious husband to conceive for almost 2 years, she decided to take a step of faith and quit her job.  She stripped away all that didn't matter in her life and embarked upon, instead, a life of truth, love, and all-consuming faith.  A life where pleasure and work became one, a life that she could live out with integrity, a life that was consistent in every facet.  She decided to participate in a 200 hour yoga teacher training which changed her life, for the better, forever.  

On the last weekend of her training, Megan learned she was pregnant!  Joy.

At 5 months in to her first pregnancy, she took a prenatal yoga teacher training and within the next two years went on to take an advanced prenatal teacher training, restorative training, and a kids and family yoga teacher training.  

Megan began teaching right away after her first training and is overjoyed as each class she teaches becomes an opportunity to share her passion of truth and life to the world.  In early 2017 she welcomed her second son into this world, and her two boys are her drive to share her passion.  This is her impetus for starting Appleseed Yoga, a kids and family yoga business in Riverside district, downtown Toronto.

Megan dreamed up the name 'Appleseed Yoga' while on a walk with her family in her neighbourhood.  The idea is that life and truth are born in our hearts through a small seed and if cultivated, grow and grow into great apple trees, strong and bearing good fruit.  This is what kids and family yoga is all about.

Megan's Post-Yoga Activities:
Playing outside with her two boys and husband, baking, cleaning, organizing, sewing, making homemade bath products, dreaming of New York City, watching Friends.

Megan's Yoga Credentials:
- 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre, 2013
- 45 Hour Level 1 Prenatal Yoga Training with Blooma, 2014
- 40 Hour Restorative Training at Octopus Garden, 2016
- 40 Hour Advanced Prenatal Training with Blooma, 2016
- 27 Hour Kids and Family Yoga Training with Rainbow Kids Yoga, 2016
- 14 Hour Postnatal Yoga Training at Octopus Garden, 2018