Why Come to Summer Camp?


Summer Camp.  I love it.  I have spent many weeks playing and working at summer camp in my life: day camps and overnight camps.  I even met and fell in love with my husband at camp!  It is written into his bones too, as he thrives each summer at the local day camp he runs.  We love camp.

But why yoga summer camp?  Well, I love yoga, and I love camp.  For me, marrying these two loves is a dream come true.  

Summer Camp at Appleseed is going to be a blast.  It is truly your child's opportunity to move their body and focus their mind in a new and inspiring way!  

Check out these 3 reasons to Register NOW for Summer Camp:

Kids Yoga is all about imagination and storytelling.  Each day of camp will be surrounded by a creative theme.  Children are inspired to run wild with their imaginations - anything is possible!  We may play a game of sandy beach volleyball, wave to a brown bear on a canoe ride, or have a pyjama party!  Imagination is an important cognitive skill essential for the developing brain; it plants the seeds for creative thinking giving children practice in thinking for themselves.

The word yoga means union or connection. At summer camp (and in all our yoga classes), we provide a supportive environment for our students to nurture and connect with themselves, those around them, and the greater world.  Whether it's through the theme of the day (for example camping, a visit to the beach, outer space), or our relaxation time, we provide space for listening, sharing and simply being.  We are committed to nurturing the children in our midst, understanding self-awareness and self-care to be invaluable life skills.

Fun is our top priority at Summer Camp!  Just like how eating well, exercising, and learning are important to overall health, so is having fun!  A fun environment is a safe environment to learn in, helps to discharge tension, and makes us happy thereby releasing those wonderful endorphins!  Having fun usually involves interacting with other people which creates an atmosphere where we can freely communicate with each other.  At Summer Camp we have planned crafts, music, stories, activities and lots of creative yoga poses to support this safe and fun environment.

Check out our website for Summer Camp details and to register.  We look forward to seeing you this summer!