Born Yogis


In case you didn't know, babies are born yogis!  

Currently, I have the joy of living each day and night beside a little pudgy baby-ball boy, my 8 month old son.  

I love watching his every move, and he's making a lot of them these days.  The little goober started dragging his sweet tiny body across our floors just after he turned 6 months!  And these days, if he can get a good grip, he just wants to stand. 

Each move he makes, I am in awe.  He is a born yogi.  Yogi toes, yogi moves, yogi breath.  This pudgy baby-ball is my teacher, my stress (gotta keep him alive), and my utter joy each day.  I learn so much from him!

It is this innate natural yogi-ness that draws me to baby yoga.  Our babies are natural yogis, and both parent and baby can greatly benefit from all that baby yoga has to offer.  Baby Yoga is about preserving their natural body awareness, deepening the parent-child bond, and supporting babies in their early days.

At Appleseed Yoga, our Baby Yoga class is different than any other baby yoga in Toronto.  We focus on the baby for the bulk of the class.  It is indeed your baby doing yoga!

In our Baby Yoga class you will learn how to courageously handle your baby in ways that they enjoy and help them towards their next stage of development.  Not only this, but baby yoga promotes more and better sleep for your infant, as well as stimulates all of their bodily systems and can help them experience decreased frustration and less extreme highs and lows. Yoga can also help infants by relieving digestive upset, constipation, gas and colic!  At the end of class, shared relaxation is mutually beneficial for parents and babies and can greatly enhance non-verbal communication. 

But what about the parent?  The post-natal body is a special one, and even those who have been practicing yoga for years aren't sure what is safe for their bodies.  As practitioners during this unique and sensitive period for women, Appleseed Yoga is committed to providing you safe space and instruction to rebuild your core in a healthy, balanced way.  Our Baby Yoga class gives you helpful support to effectively and honestly emerge from the post-natal experience.  

We look forward to seeing you and your infant at Baby Yoga.  

For the love of our families,