The Benefits of Family Yoga

Family Yoga is FUN!  But there are many benefits of family yoga beyond what meets the eye.

Why should you do family yoga?  How can it benefit your family?  

In today's world, there aren't many opportunities for families to connect.  It is rare to have a moment when you're not on the TV, iPad, phone, or at work or school.  And when that moment does come, when everyone has some time to spend together, some families aren't sure how to spend it.  Well there are plenty of options, and family yoga is a wonderful one! 

I started writing this post and after a while couldn't believe the list of benefits!  So in order to not overwhelm, here are just a few.

1. Family Yoga strengthens the family bond. Spending time together and touching physically, as well as connecting emotionally, spiritually and mentally, is strengthening, and sets the stage for spending more quality family time throughout the rest of the week.

2. Family Yoga creates a sense of support within the family!  Literal support in poses for the whole family, and this easily translates to further physical and emotional support outside of class.

3. Family Yoga gives you something to all do together.  Doing yoga together is about as high as you can get on the parent/child interaction meter.  It levels the playing field, and each family member's strengths begin to shine, with none being any greater or less than the others.

4. Family Yoga teaches parents how to play!  In a time where parents mostly feel like police men and woman, family yoga can take the tension out of a parent/child relationship and open the gates to fun and playfulness within and outside of class.

5. Children get to see their parents as learners, which sets a great example for them!  And parents get to see how their children learn and how they interact with other age groups, something we don't often see in school/work life.

The list goes on!  Stay in touch to learn more ways that family yoga can benefit every member of your family. 

Love and Light,